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A-Frame Playset (Earthtone)

A-Frame Playset (Earthtone)
  • A-Frame Playset (Earthtone)
  • A-Frame Playset (Earthtone)
  • A-Frame Playset (Earthtone)
  • A-Frame Playset (Earthtone)
  • A-Frame Playset (Earthtone)
Let your child's imagination soar as they play on their very own Lifetime A-Frame Playset! Ideal for children ages 3-12, the Adventure Tower will provide the perfect location for your child's physical and mental development. Let them swing in the jungle, climb Mt. Everest, or acheive their dreams of becoming an acrobat as they use the many features the Adventure Tower comes with. From the slide and swing to the climbing walls and clubhouse, your kids will spend hours outside with friends and family.
Model 90042
Deck Height 5 ft. (1,5 m)
Playset Height 11 ft. (3,3 m)
Footprint 15 ft. L x 14 ft. W (4,6 m L x 4,3 m W)
Safety Zone 30 ft. 10 in. x 28 ft. 3 in. (9,4 m x 8,6 m)
Ages 3-12
Swing Bar Height 7 ft. 9 in. (2,4 m)
California ResidentsClick Here for Proposition 65 Warning


  • Clubhouse with Hardtop Roof
  • Low Maintenance - No Staining or Painting Required
  • Passes Playground Performance and Safety Standards
  • Soft Rubber Grips on Swing Chains to Prevent Pinching or Snagging
  • 9-ft. Wavy Slide
  • UV-Resistant - Retains Strength and Maintains Color
  • Free-Standing


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